Safety Check

Mission Statement

"To provide services to industry in the areas of safety program development, implementation and monitoring; as well as provide a means of delivering employee training in a method convenient to the businesses we serve."


Smartphone, PocketPC, Windows Mobile Programming

The programs below have been written specifically for Windows Mobile, Win CE, PocketPC, and windows based Smartphones.

Job Hazard Analysis for PPC

Perform your JHA in the field, discuss hazards and controls at your pre-job toolbox meeting, and sync it with your office computer for printing or storage.

Evaluate the job as a whole, or break it into a series of steps. Both methods work equally well.
Activities Tracker for PPC

Enter the activity and location.

Tap the date and time fields to automatically enter the current date/time and tap the 'notes' button to add observations.
Facility Inspection for PPC

Use the standard Facilities inspecion form addressing Floors and Other Areas, Aisles/Stairways, Spill Control, Equipment/Machinery, Waste Disposal, and Storage or submit your own requirements to have them custom written.

Completed checklists are stored on a text document for printing/storage.

Equipment inspection programs are available by equipment type.

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