On-Site Supervision

At Safety Check Consulting, our goal is not to simply fill space; but rather, provide clients with on site personnel who are focused on an objective of zero harm to our own employees as well as those of our clients.

Our OH&S management system has been written to comply with BS OSHAS 18001:2007, but remains flexible enough to allow our employees to work within yours.

What this means to you, the client, is that we can provide a full range of OH&S management services using our own systems; or we can easily perform within the system you have in place.

For job sites with established safety management systems in place, our personnel can easily familiarize themselves with your program. An understanding of BS OSHAS 18001:2007 will provide our employees with a uniform approach to your worksite.

For new joint ventures or up-and-coming companies, we have programs in place that can be utilized while you develop your own SMS. Our JobSight© system includes but is not limited to:

  • incident reporting
  • incident investigation
  • job observations
  • manhours and leading indicator tracking
  • action item tracking

Whether its a pipeline project, a plant turnaround, or a highrise development; Safety Check Consulting is available to assist.

Turnaround / Shutdown Planning

When preparing for turnaround or shut down operations, organizations need to consider an additional 50 to 1000 workers or more on site. In these situations, the owner or prime contractor has a responsibility to ensure workers understand the hazards associated with the work to be performed, the operational areas of the plant that remain off limits, permit systems in place, along with use of and access to reporting systems.

Beyond this, owners or prime contractors need to evaluate the work to be performed and ensure adequate safety resources/personnel will be available.

Safety Check Consulting has the programs in place to assist facility managers achieve a safe turnaround:

  • In the planning stage we are able to create a contractor orientation specific to the workplace and assist management in determining what health and safety, first aid, and rescue capacity will be required.
  • During the execution stage our personnel can provide permit auditing services, incident reporting and investigation through our JobSight SMS, and statistical tracking such as manhours and leading indicators.
  • And during the post execution or wrap-up stage we are able to provide a complete statistical analysis of safety activities throughout the shutdown.

In many cases, Safety Check Consulting is capable of taking on the role of Prime Contractor to help ensure that safety targets are met.

(M) SDS Binder Management

With the introduction of WHMIS 2015, the requirement to update (M)SDS's has changed. With WHMIS 2015 the supplier is required to update information within a reasonable time after that information becomes available. In turn, the employer is to make that information available to the employee as soon as it comes available.

Working with our SDS Management software © and semi-annual hazardous materials audits, we will ensure your SDS information remains current.