Program Development

The International Standards Organization (ISO) is currently developing ISO 45001 to replace the Britsh Standard OSHAS 18001:2007. With an expected release of 2016, ISO 45001 will establish globally-accepted requirements for third-party certification of an OH&S management system.

Working with key personnel within your organization, Safety Check Consulting can help you develop your safety management system to meet these requirements.

Our office strongly feels that generic or 'out of the box' programs do not meet the needs of industry. Working within the guidelines of OSHAS 18001 we can assist your organization in developing a world class program.

Program Implementation

With your program developed and put in writing, We can work with your on-site health and safety committee to put the program into practice.

Upon completion, yourself, and your committee will have complete understanding of its contents.

Fine Tune Your Safety Program

Once in place, Safety Check has developed systems to make your program more manageable. Inquire about our computerized WHMIS Training and MSDS tracking system, Incident Tracking and Reporting, or computerized orientation systems.

Unlike many computerized programs, ours are developed by safety personnel who understand your needs.

Overwhelming Incident / Disaster Response Mgmt

Whether you are a corporation who moves employees around by bus, a public transportation system, or a community; you need to prepare for the unexpected.

Using principles developed by the Canadian Emergency Management College, as well as the Center of Excellence in Disaster Management & Humanitarian Assistance; Safety Check Consulting is able to assist with your plan ensuring you have the ability to respond to a Mass Casualty Incident, and ensuring it is managed effectively.

We can help with setting up your event, as well as evaluating your Mass Casualty/Emergency Response capabilities. Scenarios are designed to be so realistic, your responders will think they are actually there. The more realistic the scenario, the more realistic the evaluation.