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About Us

Safety Check Consulting has been supplying consulting and training services to industry since September of 1995.  The majority of these services have been provided to the upstream petroleum industries, however we have also performed consulting services on a regular basis, to hospitals, construction sites, transportation companies, grain handling facilities, mines, airports, and others.

Daryl Lowey;  Owner and chief consultant for the business began as an emergency medical technician in the province of Saskatchewan in 1982.  After owning an ambulance service in Central Saskatchewan for a period of eight years, Mr. Lowey sold the business and soon became the occupational health and safety supervisor for an oil drilling company located in Western Saskatchewan.

During his time as an ambulance service operator, Mr. Lowey was a member of the rescue team from Canada attending the Armenian earthquake disaster of December 1988; and in October of 1988 was a member of a team based in Toronto Ontario who set the unofficial world record for rope rescue. During the effort, a 6000 ft rope was rigged from the top of Mt Gibraltar in South Central Alberta, (3200 cliff known as sheerface) to the opposite side of the valley floor.  Rescues were simulated by the team.

In addition, Mr. Lowey has received formal training in Safety Program  management,  and is a qualified instructor in; First Aid, CPR, H2S Alive, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, WHMIS, Confined Space Entry, Search and Rescue Preparedness, and formerly held qualification as a Level 1 Fire Services Instructor.

Whether its employee training, job-site safety supervision, or breathing air trailer work, Daryl and his staff are available to provide services in a knowledgeable, professional manner.