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Custom Programs

Safety Check Consulting beleives that delivery of safety programs should be easy.

No one goes to work with the intention of getting hurt, but facilitating your safety program can be dificult.

Safety Check has developed programs to assist in the delivery of Workplace Health and Safety allowing practitioners to spend more time in the field communicating with employees.

Whether its incident tracking and reporting systems, employee orientation, WHMIS Management, MSDS Management, or custom developed programs; Safety Check Consulting can custom build the program to simplify your position.

Mission Statement

"To provide services to industry in the areas of safety program development, implementation and monitoring; as well as provide a means of delivering employee training in a method convenient to the businesses we serve."

Tool Crib / Equipment Management

Tool Crib \ Equipment Management

Companies lose thousands of dollars each year during 'shut down' or maintenance operations.

Tool crib personnel do their best to have tools or equipment returned following use, but without a method of easily tracking inventory and who is responsible for it, they are at a disadvantage when tools/equipment go missing.

The program is available for use with both RFID or Barcode scanners. Simply pass the RFID tag/Barcode over the scanner and the employee responsible for the tool is entered into the system, pass a second RFID tag/Barcode over the scanner and the tool is assigned.

When a tool/equipment is returned, pass the employee's RFID tag/Barcode over the scanner. Employee information will display along with a list of tools/equipment currently in use. Double click over the tool being returned the return date is automatically entered

As an added feature, the program will track cost of consumables.

Simply install the program, and connect the USB scanner. (work is currently underway to write a wireless scanner version)

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